Applied AI: The Machine Learning Conference at Harvard Business School

We’re excited to announce the upcoming Machine Learning Conference at Harvard Business School.

Get your tickets here:

In the conference, we’ll explore the technology’s impact on health care, finance and other consumer technology companies. Speakers come from Amazon, Google, 23&Me, Path.AI, Spotify, Bridgewater Associates, MIT, and many more.

Attaching the full conference schedule below. Hope to see you there!

Conference Schedule:

Keynote:  David Ferrucci // Elemental Cognition – David is the award-winning AI researcher who built and led the IBM Watson team from its inception in 2006 to its landmark success in 2011 when Watson defeated the greatest Jeopardy! players of all time.

Health Care Speakers:

  • Robert Gentleman // 23&Me
  • Jen Kerner // Path.AI
  • Alina Gatowski // Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Panel Discussion: How can we collect novel biomarkers to impact disease prevention?

Finance Speakers:

  • Mikey Shulman // Kensho
  • Rudina Seseri // Glasswing Ventures
  • Paulo Marques // Feedzai
  • Panel Discussion: How are investment decisions changing with improved analytics?

Big Tech Speakers:

  • Spyros Matsoukas // Amazon
  • Sara Robinson // Google
  • James McInerney // Spotify
  • Panel Discussion: What responsibilities do tech companies have to the broader development ecosystem?

AI Ethics Keynote:  Max Tegmark // The Future of Humanity Institute

Closing Remarks

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